Monday, July 2, 2012

Mailbag: Pay to Play Sites, Used Podcasting Gear, and Zoom H4n's

It's time for another LIGHTNING ROUND!

From @ScoobyG
hey man, do you have a source for used equipment? Looking for decent (not top of the line) mic to start podcasting on the cheap.
Used mics might be kind of tough. Most music stores wont carry used microphones due to health concerns, and for those same reasons I tend not to shop for used gear, unless I'm shopping vintage. To dip your toe into some podcasting you'll probably want to check out a Blue Snowball or an AT2020 USB. I know I can be tough on entry level USB mics for VO, but they're actually quite good for internet-radio style applications.

If anyone has a suggestion on where Scooby can find a deal on used gear, drop a comment below!
From Mark
Just listened to your compare btwn the Rode NT1A and the H4n. I have an NT1A already. Should I aim to grab the H4n as well?
God I hope not! Seriously. The NT1A is a fine mic. The H4n is a Swiss Army Knife. Now, I have genuinely used an H4n on almost every gig I've worked since buying it: on set, location sound, VO, but if you're primary focus is VO, then the H4n will be a lateral move from the NT1A you already own. We have to be careful with our purchasing and our ROI. I see A LOT of VA's get stuck in a buying pattern where they keep buying entry or mid range gear thinking it'll help, but it wont actually improve your sound. It'll just be different.
From The Big Lenano
Are pay-to-use sites like that a waste of time?
Waste of time? No. You do want to be mindful of what jobs you're submitting yourself on, check the contracts, see what kind of usage and buyout the producers are offering. Doing TV buyouts in perpetuity for $300 is fine for a little quick cash, but is no way to build a career.

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