Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Video Rant- Why I Don't Do Microphone Shootouts

I've been asked a lot, why I don't more mic shootouts, so let's set the record straight...

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  1. Excellent video! You just blew my mind with new information to consider (after spending an arm and a leg on a new microphone >.<)
    Found my way here through VoiceActingMastery, and I have to say this blog, coupled with Crispin's, is some of the best information on Voice Acting I could have ever hoped for.
    I'll be following from now on :)

  2. Hey Max!
    No worries on grabbing a pricey mic. No worries at all. Spend a little time playing with it. Get to know it. It'll do you just fine I'm sure. Out of curiosity, what did you buy? What made you decide to buy it?

    Glad the video was helpful, and yeah, VA Mastery is kinda ultra-rad.

  3. I got myself a Neumann tlm 103. I had started a budget once I got my first mic (AT2020 USB) and my thought process was "If I'm going to upgrade, might as well go with something that'll help me compete." So I had the money saved up and made the purchase.
    I've been studying with Crispin for a while now and he speaks highly of Neumann, so it seemed like a logical step in voice over work. And no regrets at all about the purchase. I love using it!

  4. Glad to hear it! Also glad to hear you didnt go too crazy... ;-)