Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Tutorial - The Proximity Effect and You!

I've written about this topic A LOT, so it was just time to do a video demonstration of the proximity effect, and how it can alter the perception of your audition.

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  1. Thanks for the vid! I've known about "proximity effect," and have used it, occasionally. I didn't know about mics being designed more for singers, and less for readers. Good advice! I'll be back, and next time, I'll have some $$$ to buy a cup of "cappy" for you!

  2. You're welcome Tom. Glad it helped!

  3. Just wondering about what you said about the noise in the gaps. Say I were to record an audition or demo of some sort, would it be acceptable or would it be too obvious to use a gate or something similar to help with background sound etc?

  4. There's some good stuff in here (as always)!
    I notice that you move your head quite a lot during the course of this video, and look in different directions, but it somehow doesn't change the sound of your recording much at all. When I move just an inch in any direction everything drastically changes.. how do you manage having such versatility capability without affecting or clipping the audio?

    Thank you for your time! :)

  5. Great info. Having grown up with the 'in-your-face' media
    blaring at you through tiny AM radio speakers .. gave me a
    new perspective and .. maybe I should try a new approach ...
    conversational. Good Stuff