Friday, October 21, 2011

My photography and helping a cause...

I'm an amateur photographer, and I've been shooting off and on since high school. It's one of the creative outlets I have to feed the soul. It's the perfect way to refresh after I've been listening to things all day long. It helps keep me sane.

Through photography I've met some wonderful people, lifelong friends, and have built fulfilling business relationships. I've not been paid very much for my work directly, a little from some stock sites, but the experiences I've had because of it have been invaluable.

At the same time both my family and my wife's family have been affected by diabetes, and health care has become one of our most passionate issues. I've always lamented that I'm not often in a position to do more.

From now on, whatever money I make from direct sales of my photography will be donated to the American Diabetes Association. It probably wont be a lot (unless you folks REALLY like my flower macros ;-)), but every little bit helps right?

You can see my work on my Smugmug account linked here: SomeAudioGuy on SmugMug, where it is available to purchase.

And if your family has been affected by diabetes, consider making a donation yourself. Donating to the American Diabetes Association helps them improve the lives of people affected by this disease.

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  1. I salute you and your work. I am really inspired on this one.