Monday, June 20, 2011

And the Winner of the Sound Forge Studio Giveaway is...


Thanks to everyone who entered and shared my intro to editing for voice actors video.

@HJanoverVO @08chloe80 @ebruhwiler @tempesttossed @MegWeimer @joesvoice @sephirex @tayhay12 @gamebuddy @paulswansen @kristtea @bobransom @MUTEXsoundproof @XESands @carondelet @ChicagolandTim @DangerShoes @94key

Give them all a follow on the Twitters, and keep sharing that vid with any one asking for a little guidance on how to begin recording their own auditions from home.

Congrats again Paul!


  1. Well you should be. You triumphed over the random number generator at ;-)

  2. Congratulations, Paul. You're going to love working with Sound Forge.

  3. Funny as my teachers always said I wasn't very good at math.