Monday, February 28, 2011

Microphone Technique Workshop and Shootout Recap

Last Saturday was my second Microphone Technique Workshop and Shootout at The Voicecaster in Burbank.

I had a really good time with it. Five students spent four hours going over SEVENTEEN different mics, and along the way we spent time going over technique. Getting a chance to properly explain concepts like proximity, off axis recording, polar patterns, and frequency response was very satisfying.

It's not surprising how many bad habits are created by forcing actors to figure out how to record themselves on their own, so I hope providing a little context was helpful.

We had time to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of dynamic mics, large diaphragm condensers, shotguns, ribbons, plus even a few vintage and novelty mics like the AKG D202, SM56, and a couple over-head mics like the KM-184. Quite a bit of time was also spent discussing USB microphones... A LOT of misconceptions there...

It was great getting a lot of questions not only on home recording, but on booth etiquette, and audition technique (both at home and when auditions are out of house). Watching an actor light up at a practical concept that could help their career was one of the best things that could happen to me as a cynical, curmudgeonly engineer.

Actors wanted to learn. They didn't just want to hear "this knob makes it louder". They wanted to get better.    

Our next round will be the first Saturday of April from 2-6pm at The Voicecaster. You can contact them at 818-841-5300 or email them at [Casting AT VoiceCaster DOT com]. Cost of the workshop is $250, and your spot can be held with a $50 deposit. I only take a maximum of eight students so I can stay hands on, and two spots are already reserved. I'll bring the cough drops!

I hope you can make it, and hopefully we wont have snowfall in Burbank next time...

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