Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's the little things really...

I use Sennheiser HD25's to monitor.
I love them. They are my favorite closed back headphones.
However the earpads wear out REALLY quickly, and mine were getting really ratty.

I couldn't find ANY replacements in town, and the online shops that carried them were all over seas.
Replacement pads were going to run me $20-30 before shipping. That's not horrible considering the HD25's run $200, but if replacement parts were going to be THAT difficult to procure, I was seriously considering new cans.

As a last ditch effort I called up Sennheiser, and low and behold they had some in stock.

For $11 a pair!

It's like I've got brand new headphones again!


  1. That's great! I have to replace my headphones too.

  2. Hey thanks.
    It is one of the cool things about "nicer" headphones that you can replace parts on them, but FINDING those parts can be a headache sometimes...

  3. I use GS-132 headphones. It is perfectly working fine. But after reading your post. I guess I have to switch to the ones you are using.

    Great post. Be back for more.

  4. headset are quite risky sumtym..
    nd just to give u information guys, I saw sum where that headphone creates Bacterias in our ears :$

  5. these headphones are good, what I don't really like is that is hard to find the parts

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