Friday, May 15, 2009

VO Actors! Don't Forget to READ Your Copy!


Worked on two projects this week where quite a few people missed some very key points on some pretty decent auditions.

The first was a basic one. Producers sent us in a 30 second spot that was WAY over written. We've seen that before, no big surprise, but the agency did provide time codes at the top. I would say only one out of three people auditioning had noticed. Two thirds of the people coming in to read had prepped a 60 second style read, and were completely unprepared for a faster take.

The person who booked the job came out of the one third that noticed the time code.

The other was a bit more obscure.
We got a great TV spot for a luxury car. Very simply written, sophisticated with a little bit of a wink. They not only had time notes, but little storyboards and descriptions of what was happening in the spot. The twist to the commercial was the music, an old 1990's cheesy hip hop jam, to allow the spot to not take itself too seriously.

First I was shocked at how many people had completely disregarded the notes and storyboards (I would say almost a third), and had decided to just deliver their best Sloyan or Lyman impressions.

Only ONE person caught the music cue and knew what it was.

Guess who booked the job.

In this age of Blackberries and iPhones, not looking up a piece of info (in this case a music cue) LITERALLY meant the difference between booking a job and not.

Just some warm fuzzies to leave you with for the weekend!

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