Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Unbeatable" Graphic Novel Video Trailer Featuring Chris Emerson!

I dig this on SO many levels.
First up, it's a trailer for a cool looking comic, and I'm a nerd.
Secondly, the voice is my pal Chris Emerson, and he doesn't have what you would consider a "CLASSIC MOVIE TRAILER VOICE OF GOD" voice.
Thirdly, I find it be a really engaging way of drumming up interest in an indie property. I think the combination of visuals and voice is really interesting.
Lastly, I just dig using a conventional marketing tool (the movie style trailer) in a fairly unconventional way (promoting a comic book).

I'm very impressed.
Check it out (don't forget to hit the "HQ" button):

More info on Unbeatable:

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