Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Voice Over Vernacular - The "Three in a Row" Edition

Term: "Three in a Row"

AKA: "A-B-C takes"

Correct use:
Often used on shorter pieces of copy, a direction of "three in a row" or "ABC" denotes allowing the talent the autonomy to tackle three ideas of a piece of copy within the boundries of the direction set forth by the producer or director. The expectation is for three distinctly different takes from the performer.

Incorrect use:
As quickly as possible, rattling off three of the exact same reads without pausing for air, leaving the listener with a breathlessly urgent feeling.


  1. If I might add a note to this, I've been asked more and more for an ABC that giver options for time. In other words, one slow, one medium, one fast.. same inflections. It probably deserves its own term, but I'm not aware of any, other than if the producer is clear enough to specify whether he wants a traditional ABC vs an ABC for timing purposes.

  2. OH MAN!
    That was TOTALLY my day today.

    I would ask for "3 in a row, two fair game, one for time", and I was still getting the odd guy who would give me all three takes EXACTLY the same.