Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Windows 7 NOT good for Recording???

Lifehacker is reporting that Windows 7 DRM prevents any kind of software audio capture. 
One rather feisty (and—surprise!—Linux-savvy) Slashdot reader writes about his DRM discoveries in Windows 7. Along with complaints about seemingly big-software-friendly firewall access and registration DLLs, the author's chief discovery is that Windows 7 doesn't allow for any kind of software audio capture. In other words, if you've got one application playing sound, Windows 7 doesn't seem to allow you to use your same sound card to also grab the audio from that app.
I find this hard to believe.

First up, a LINUX savvy Slashdot reader? 

Secondly, doesn't this describe the practice of monitoring what you're recording. I've played a little with the Win7 beta, and didn't have any issues listening to what I was recording (finding stable sound card drivers on the other hand).

Admittedly I didn't spend a LOT of time playing with it (I had work to do). 

Is anyone out there having issues with this?

(Oh, and the pic is of my BRAND NEW AKG C 414 B-XLS Condenser Microphone! Woot!)


  1. Check the comments. It's a matter of enabling the "stereo mix" in the sound settings, most of the time. I also suspect that there's a Sigmatel soundcard involved, and they're notorious for not having a "stereo mix" option available.

  2. Well there you go. That's what we get for listening to a "Linux Guy".