Friday, February 27, 2009

My Microphone Collection

Just felt like showing off a bit.

Not a bad little bundle if I say so myself.

Click on the pic to go to Flickr, where I've got each of the mics labeled.
Microphone Collection

If you've got shots of you're own microphones, please drop a link in the comments!

Happy Friday!


  1. now the real trick would be to post a little bit about each one and describe it's attributes and what it's best for. Because that would be awesome. Hint.

    And that large-diaphragm one in the middle is still sexy.

  2. LOL!

    Well I HAVE done reviews on most of the mics here (like my Mic shootout, and my livingroom labs).

    I know there are quite a few resources to find decent microphone reviews (wikis, sound on sound, Future Music, etc), but I don't know of many that focus specifically on VO/spoken word.

    Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Solaris. It's a GREAT mid range mic (street around $300), comes with great accessories, is very versatile, and sounds really good.
    Plus it looks kinda delicious...

  3. Cool. How are you able to keep all these? Do these mics still work?

  4. LOL! Uh Anden, "keep" them?

    These are my mics. They're all functional (I don't really have the time or space to bother with display pieces right now).

    Since you asked...

    *ATR30 was the first mic I ever purchased. Originally bought two, and one got tossed out after an extremely aggressive foley session using one of the mics as a hammer against a piece of steak.

    *After I bought the ATR's, I bought a pair of SM58's. I traded one for an SM57, and the other for the SM56. The i went and bought another sm57.

    *The KM184 I bought off a guy from the local college radio station. They didn't want it, and I picked it up pristine for about $100 (retails for $700). Unfortunately at the time I didn't know about phantom power. It sat in it's box for years before I used it.

    * The M-Audio Solaris was the first phantom powered mic I bought and was able to (smart enough to) use. It's been a staple of my recording ensemble for years (only just recently getting outshined by my 414).

    *Upon moving to LA, I heard the mic of choice for most LA studios was the MKH416. I picked up mine used for $800. Not a great price now-a-days, but decent for the time. It's served me well, but it's not the first mic I reach for.

    *The M-Audio Nova I picked up on a whim. For $80 it was a fun mic to experiment with, but I almost never use it.

    *The M-Audio Aries I got for free when I bought my FW410. It sees regular action as my traveling talkback.

    *The MXL 990 I also got for free buying a USB Fastrack Pro (which I almost instantly got rid of). I pull it out from time to time. Considering it's street price of $60 it's a pretty decent sound.

    *The Berhinger C2's were another whim purchase, but have come in handy on instrument recording and group work.

    *The MD421u5 and AKG D202 were bought from readers of my blog getting rid of gear.

    *The AKG C414 is my most recent acquisition and has been my fave studio mic for years, and I finally got around to picking up my own.

  5. LOL!

    I thought you have them the way people collect stamps or old coins or something :)

    I like that AKG c414, it looks elegant.

  6. LOL!
    No worries Anden.
    They're all practical.

    The 414 is my fave too. It looks old school, classic. The design of the mic really hasn't changed in decades.