Saturday, January 24, 2009

YouTube Users Lash Out At Warner Music

Two things are clear in the YouTube/Warner Music scuffle. 

First, neither side is 100% right. 

Second, users are very, very angry that their videos are being pulled down or muted when they contain background music owned by Warner Music...

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  1. But this is one to understand why the ban, but it would not be bad if they would give permission.

  2. It's tricky since the letter of the law states people can't use this content, but Warner is shooting itself in the foot as it's really more like free advertising for them.

  3. I really like youtune. I always use it to search for some videos.
    but what u say is true, people shouls ask fot permission

  4. That's a GREAT suggestion.
    I might have to blog that one...