Monday, November 10, 2008

The Daily Renita Casting Podcast is LIVE Today!

News from my pal Chris Emerson over at, The Daily Renita Podcast is up and ready for your podcast consumption.
Renita (of Renita Casting, and a narration voice actress) is setting up five minute daily audio episodes to answer questions on the world of casting. Very helpful stuff for you actors looking to get a leg up, and very motivational to boot!
My pal Chris is hosting!

Here's their take on the show:
Five-minute MP3 audio lessons delivered directly to you daily from premiere casting director, producer, and director Renita. Listen as she keeps you up-to-date in today's world of acting, commercials, the casting process, the art of filmmaking, and the minute-by-minute changes occurring in the industry.

Download, listen, and learn from Renita on your way to auditions, interviews and bookings. Equip yourself with the industry insider information, audition techniques, and casting secrets which separate the highly-paid always-working actors from the rest.

"If I call you in for an audition, I want you to win. It does not behoove me for you not to rock that audition."
-- Renita

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