Monday, September 1, 2008

RIP Don LaFontaine (August 26, 1940 – September 1, 2008)

I got to sit in on a session with "The Don" once. He was really funny, joking around with the people in the room and on the patch, making fun of his own signature "IN A WORLD". He even gave me a slight wink on his way out.

With sincerest respect and humility, best wishes for his family and friends. He was loved.

Here's the email Paul Pape sent out regarding Don's passing.
It is very hard to write these words. My friend, Don LaFontaine, the
husband of a most beautiful wife, Nita and the father of three
beautiful girls, passed away today at the age of 68. In a quite sudden
reversal of the progress he had been making the last few days, Don
took ill again and passed away at around 1:50PM this afternoon (9/1/08).

Out of respect for Don’s family, more details will be given at a later
time. Nita is a wonderful mother and she is being very strong for her
children at this moment. You would be proud of her. We need to give
her and her family some time to absorb their loss. As for me, thank
you very much. There have been so many spiritual warriors who have
given everything they have for my best friend. I will miss him very

More details to follow...

Paul Pape

That pic of Don is my fave, as he sort of disdainfully examines an MXL990, LOL...


  1. Great loss to voice-over industry, a man like him is. I salute him and it is my prayer that his wife and children be comforted.

  2. Thanks for that David.
    His passing has left a huge hole in our industry, and he certainly will be missed.