Thursday, September 25, 2008

AGDC08: David Pizzuto, David Sobolov, and Mark Friedlander - Speaking Up for S.A.G., New Media

I meant to post this up sooner, but my pals Pizzuto and Sobolov were down in Austin for the Game Developer's Conference. They were manning the S.A.G. booth there, and talking to people about actor's increasing role in new media and video games.

In an industry where games like GTA 4 can gross $500 million in one week, production relying more and more on seasoned performers bringing their creations to life (yet still paying very little comparatively), and with new media contracts up for negotiation in the Fall, I think it's a conversation worth having.

Gaming blog Joystiq covered the booth, and even posted audio and video of some of these guys in action.

Here's the vid:

If you watch to the end, you can see the guy who replaced me as the booth director at Abrams, LOL!

Check out the rest of the post for audio samples of Pizzuto and Sobolov, and more coverage of GDC08.

AGDC08: The Screen Actors Guild Wants You To Hear Its Game Voice(s)


  1. Juan,

    Blog is looking good, my friend! You're always on top of the SAG/AFTRA stuff. Nice going!


  2. It's important stuff.
    Thanks for dropping by Dave!