Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simply a Classic Day of Voice Casting...

Today was a good day.

I don't write about my actual jobs very often. I guess I still try to maintain a little anonymity with my real life versus my web presence. That said, I realized that I often only write about work when something is pissing me off, and that's not really fair.

Today was a VERY good day.

I spent all day directing auditions at a casting studio.
The spot was a silly radio bit, wall to wall 60, a touch over written, nothing super special, but pretty decent.
The actors we called into today however were classic, truly Hollywood veteran classic. Alan Oppenheimer, Andre Stojka, Billy Vera, George Coe, Jack Betts, James Karen, Jim Cummings, John Mayer, Richard McGonagle, Peter Jason, Richard Herd, Robert Pine, Ron Masak, Steve Eastin, Troy Evans, William H Bassett.

Today was a LOT of fun.

I had a blast just sitting in the lobby in between auditions. If you would've walked in off the street, you never would've guessed that they were all gunning for the same part. Chatting, laughing, catching up, putting each other down, vaudevillian one upping, it was like I was sitting in on a voice over country club luncheon. None of the standard Hollywood schmoozing, they were all genuinely glad to see each other, and they could not have cared less that they were each other's competition.

It was an eye opening wealth of improv, Second City, and general comedic performance, training, and experience, and I got to hang toe to toe. Apt, as they REALLY kept me on my toes.

I learned a lot today.

Today was a REALLY good day...


  1. Thanks for sharing your day...sounds like it was amazing, and wish I could have been a fly on those walls! It's very easy to share the bad's so great to read the good stuff, too!

  2. Thanks Sandy.

    I know I TOTALLY fall into that trap. If something irks me, I can't shut up about it. However, if something cool happens to me, I tend to keep it to myself. Like if I share it, it wont mean as much to me or something?

    LOL, I'm hoarding my precious "good" memories...