Sunday, July 20, 2008

Audio Guy Picked for the "Sound Lab" at Universal Studios! LOL!


I'm the guy that got picked from the audience to do the voices in the Universal Studios Sound Lab demonstration. How appropriate right?

Sister-Audio-Guy was in town, so we spent the day at the theme park. After getting soaked on Jurassic Park we decided to dry off at The Special Effects stage show.

I get such a kick out of those movie magic demos, that when they asked for volunteers I just couldn't help it.

Without even thinking, my hand shot up like a doofus.

I think I did a pretty good job. Especially as the whole point is to have fun with the audience, and there is still that "theater" side of me that needs to be fed from time to time.

That totally fearless, needs to make a fool of himself from time to time, theater side of me...

I'm in the blue shirt obviously...


  1. What fun and what a memory you will always have. That is way too cool! I'd be way too shy for that.

  2. I LOVED it!
    It was great silly fun, and I totally got into it.
    Sometimes you've just gotta feed the "make a dork out of yourself" beast LOL...

  3. that's awesome...I had so much fun when I went to Universal years ago...And you got pictures too!

  4. Yup I got proof!
    Now people HAVE to believe me, moo-wa-ha-ha...