Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Source Connect updated to Version 3, Incompatible with 2.5, Upgrade is Free

For those of you looking for ISDN like recording over the internet, look no further than Source Connect. It allows you to send your audio anywhere in the world (with broadband access), in real time (usually with very little lag), and allows you to be recorded on the receiver's end (provided they have SC).
The nice thing about SC is it doesn't require you to purchase any other equipment to add to the recording chain. You don't need to route back and forth from a Telos Zephyr. Everything is handled internally by your computer and soundcard.
It's these kinds of technologies that are a god send to voice actors across the country. It means you're just as competitive in Poughkeepsie as you would be in NY/LA/Chicago. As ISDN slowly starts to die off (wont happen for a while yet but still), these audio connection technologies are going to have to step up to fill the gap. Especially as it seems that ISDN support is getting harder to find, and ISDN lines are becoming more expensive in some areas.

Source Connect has just been updated to version 3.0. The Source elements site has a warning about this update:
Source-Connect 3.0 is not compatible with 2.5. Current 2.5 users must upgrade to 3.0. Due to a number of internal improvements Source-Connect 2.5 and Source-Connect 3.0 are not compatible. All current 2.5 license owners are eligible for a free license upgrade.
I think this is actually kind of cool. So often with software, compatibility issues seem to only be discussed in the darkest of forum threads. Kudos for putting this right out in the open and saving us all the search.
Also making the update free is a really classy thing to do. I get really tired of paying for '.1' upgrades (Apple and Pro Tools I'm looking in your general directions). Considering they are acknowedging that their upgrade breaks compatibility with their own previous version, making the update free is really appreciated.

So come on SC users. Lets get to updating, so we're all on the same page!

And you closet junkies, needing a remote recording solution or phone patch, check it out!

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