Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do YOU have the perfect voice? Cuz I don't...

At least according to researcher Shannon Harris...

BBC News is reporting on a study, where the qualities of a person's voice (tone, frequency, rate of speech, breathing) can be charted to determine where one might fall on a pleasant scale. There are many objective qualities to be taken into consideration, but I'm not wholly surprised by this. Just as we generally determine physical beauty based on certain attributes, like symmetry, the idea that we can mathematically determine what frequency and pitch a voice should have to be considered "pleasing" isn't too far fetched to me.

So who did UK researchers pick as having "perfect" voices?

I have to say THIS did surprise me just a little. Apparently Alan "and cancel Christmas" Rickman has an ideal male voice. This is interesting to me, as I find his voice is a touch nasal, but I can't help but listen to every word he says, usually with rapt attention.

Which voice should women be aspiring to? Look no further than Dame Judi Dench!

BBC World News has a great little interview with researcher Shannon Harris. Cool stuff!


  1. I don't have that perfect voice but can I claim looks?

  2. Of course!
    I'm sure you're making this claim in all humility right?

    I sort of fall into the "face for radio" category, LOL...