Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Interview with Tracy Pattin @ VoiceRegistry

Just a quick shameless self promotional plug...

Tracy and I had a chat about video games and animation a little while ago, and she decided to post it up on the VoiceRegistry blog!

It's almost like I'm becoming an authority or something.

That's much better than just being a video gaming geek who never grew up out of comics...

Check it out:

Recording Engineer Seques into Voice Directing


  1. When you make it big(er), we want our percentage! Aspenxtrm

  2. LOL!
    You got it J!

    I believe the standard rate is 10%?

  3. That's for "average" help...we're talking first rate help here though! Besides, you have to factor in all those poker lessons I gave you know, with all my winning and all.

  4. Juan:
    AWESOME interview. I'm printing it out and taking it with me to my next character audition.
    Reading comic books and knowing audio is a good combo!
    Now, back to reading the current issue of my favorite Caped Crusader...

  5. LOL! Thanks Donna!
    I just don't know any other way to be. When I was growing up, I had my grandmother pumping me full of Greek myth and Arthurian legend, and my Dad feeding me his old Spider-man and Batman comics.

    It all kinda became the same thing to me...

  6. My favorite comedian said his Mom read him the classics too. Made him want to grow up to be a great hero too .. like Oedipus!

    Seriously, definitely at least 15% ... :)

  7. Yeesh, Oedipus.
    Still better than Antigone I suppose.

    Oh Sophocles, how WONT you screw up our childhoods...