Sunday, January 13, 2008

WOOT! Netflix Watch It Now Goes UNLIMITED!!!

This is awesome folks! I'm a huge fan of Watch It Now!

Apparently to combat Apple's announcement that iTunes will become a video rental service (lame), Netflix is dropping the hammer.
For all customers on plans higher than the $4.99, there will no longer be any restriction on W.I.N. With over 6000 titles ready to stream, that's really sweet. Mrs. Audio Guy and I use it to crunch a ton of old TV shows. They've got a great little catalog of BBC TV up and ready, Faulty Towers anyone?

If you're running a PC with an S-Video port (or if your TV will handle a VGA or DVI connector), GO BUY A CABLE NOW. A $20 cable allowed us to watch streaming online video from the comfort of our couch, and now we'll pretty much never go back to a video rental place!

Anywho read up on the full announcement here (Yahoo Biz via AP).

Thanks for the heads up David!

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