Wednesday, January 2, 2008

News Sound Bites - First Batch of 2008

IGN gives Dragon Ball Z: Budokai for the Wii an A+ for voice and sound, about a C- overall. I'm currently watching the Frieza Saga just for kicks... has released an incredible "State of the Business" for Voice acting. Read it. Learn it. Live it.

CNet (via Reuters) wants you to host your own talk radio show, over the internet.

The voting is in, and Idolator has finally delivered us their worst album art of 2007.

Gamasutra has a great article on the challenges getting artists and coders to communicate when producing videogames.

The Voice of the London Tubes, Emma Clarke (known for telling passengers to "mind the gap"), was dropped after satirizing her Tube gig. The press surrounding the incident has boosted her profile, and she can now be heard on a popular Sat-Nav.

Yeah I decided to make the entire last story a link. What wanna fight about it?

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