Friday, December 21, 2007

RIAA is producing fake news?

OK, I don't know exactly how true this might be. The story on LiveLeak (from user "Fakenews") is:
Recording Industry Association of America wants to Scare / Inform TV News audiences. The company I work for just distributed this video package nationwide to TV News Stations. It already aired in Dallas and one network and one major news gathering service have requested tapes. This thing could be all over the news this week. The video you see was preceded by graphics which told stations who paid for the content.

This is how the RIAA and other organizations get their news out and influence consumers like you.
That's quite a claim. I'm not saying he's a liar, but I think we would've noticed if our news outlets had sold out to major corporations, become profit based at the expense of us citizens, and transformed into a platform for knee jerk reactionary mis-information.
I mean we TOTALLY would've caught that right? Right?




Alright, I'm not sure it's legit. First off the voice over is atrocious, like REALLY bad. I guess local stations could replace with one of their reporters, but if that's the spot, it's not good.
The production looks several years old, like the way the text sides into view. Like something I would've done in high school (stop laughing I'm not that old).
Also, I'm not entirely sure what the point is. I think it is important to inform people about counterfeit products, but last I checked file sharing is destroying true piracy. I do enjoy the hamfisted attempt at the end of the clip, cluing us proles in to the hip and trendy new things coming out. Watch out! It's how the hip kids will be listening to music. Yeah! Teh funnie...

About the only thing I do agree with is the definition of pirated media. I only believe you're "pirating" media if you're trying to profit from work you didn't make (like this guy). If you're downloading stuff for free you're just a thief!

If anyone catches this "news" segment on TV, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let me know. I'd love to know if this is legit!

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