Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News Sound Bites - Music Software, MP3 Player busts Cop, Morgan Webb, OpenHulu

Some cool stories to check out around the web.

ExtremeTech has started a series on digital music creation. What's interesting about the read is it's from a gadget blog writer, not a pro-sumer musician, so the advice is a bit more consumer-friendly. [Part1, Part2, via ExtremeTech]

NYTimes has a story up about a kid busting a cop with his MP3 player. Apparently he wasn't read his Miranda, and caught the whole thing on an MP3 player in his pocket. The iPod doesn't have built in recording, hmmmm... [NYT via Gizmodo]

MTV Multiplayer is trying to boost its readership, and it picked a perfect interview to do it. Morgan Webb discusses the challenges and frustrations of being a girl gamer (a little skewed by the fact that she's probably the most recognized girl gamer on the planet right now). I just think it's funny when she says she avoids forums because some jerk always ruins the discussion, and of course the comments on the interview are mostly jerky comments. [MTV Multiplayer]

And lastly, are you bummed that you haven't been invited into Hulu's private beta? Are you dreaming of all that free (ad supported) TV, just waiting to be streamed to your computer monitor (which if you're like me is nicer than your TV anyway)? Well, you can stop bumming out! A kindly web citizen has taken it upon himself to link as much Hulu content as he can to OpenHulu.com. I'm watching TinMan right now. While I type this. I know! [OpenHulu]


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