Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Studios and Writers getting closer to a deal

I really hope WGA doesn't strike. I just don't see how it'll actually help things right now.

That being said, it looks like we're one step closer to preventing that from happening.

Story going up everywhere (I just happened to catch it first on the Wall Street Journal), it looks like the AMPTP withdrew one of its residual proposals:
The move by the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers
marks the first concession from either side in contract talks that have
become increasingly hostile in recent weeks, increasing the possibility
of a walkout by the 12,000 voting members of the WGA on Nov. 1. The
AMPTP withdrew a controversial proposal to withhold the payment of
residuals until after a specific television show or film had recouped
its cost.
It's kinda funny to me as this is exactly what I've been asking for for video game residuals...

I guess it's reasonable to be weary of the bookkeeping given fairly recent shenanigans, but I'm glad to see at least one major point of contention fall by the wayside.

Read the rest here (@WSJ Online)!

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