Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gaming Angels Interviews David Sobolov and David Pizzuto

These two guys have been working EXTREMELY hard at getting actors a better deal on video game work, and I'm very proud to say I know them.

Gameangels has the first half of a great interview up. They spoke with David and David at the Game Developer Conference in Austin about some of the challenges facing this industry. It's a great read, and I highly recommend checking it out if you're interested at all in what it takes to get a game made these days.

Read the interview here.

They also touched on briefly, the possible WGA strike, and I think David Pizzuto's thoughts sum it up fine:
Due to legal reasons, they were not able to comment on the impending strike by the Writers Guild of America. However, David P. summed up his personal feelings of strikes in general by saying, "As a performer, it makes people in the town nervous. Even the mention of the "S" word makes people crazy. You see production ramp up and you see a lot of emotional reaction as opposed to appropriate response." Mark concluded, "Consumers don't want that, producers don't want that, actors don't want that. Everybody wants to do business and play games and watch movies and see TV shows. The world's a happy place when that happens."
Well done. Couldnt've said it better myself...

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