Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whole Ton of Music News...

So I was reading through Idolator today, and a couple stories struck me as interesting.

Both Kanye and 50 Cent are seeing decent success with the release of their respective albums. Currently though Kanye is outselling by a sizable distance (400,000 units to Fiddy's 300,000). So even though 50 took it too the streets to advertise, it looks like Kanye will win this one. I'm glad. I don't really care that much for either, but now we'll get to see if 50 Cent will keep his promise to never record again if Kanye beats him.

To follow that up here's Kanye's new video:

I kinda hate it. Late Registration had this great "becoming a man" vibe for me. If this is indicative of Kanye's new work, I'll stay far away. I'm just not that hyped up on another rapper telling me how much money they have, that they "got mine", and even telling me "You're Welcome" for all the joy they've brought into my life. Thanks but no thanks...

And lastly in "rip off Idolator" news, it looks like we'll be seeing a crackdown on Lyrics sites. This makes me mad, as we don't always get inserts with music anymore (especially downloaded), so if I want to check out the lyrics of a song I go online now. I understand the argument that these sites make ad revenue off of content they don't own the rights to, but to me it seems like a silly target to go after. It serves as free advertising for the music, fans get what they want, and the music biz didn't have to pay for any of it. Are they wanting to charge people for this service. If I have to pay for lyrics ... oh bad things ... very bad things ...

The move against lyric sites comes as the publishing business is in the midst of rolling out official online-lyric offerings through such places as Yahoo! Music and Real Networks' Rhapsody, via deals with lyric aggregators Gracenote and LyricFind.
In those deals, publishers license lyrics for online reproduction in exchange for a portion of ad revenues from the sites. Illegal lyric sites have been in operation for years, and top ad-supported sites like AZ Lyrics Universe have attracted some of the most traffic among music-related Web sites.
Industry insiders say all take-down requests at this point are "voluntary," and part of an "educational" push on behalf of music publishers to inform lyric Web sites that reproducing the words to songs without authorization is a violation of copyright law.
However, sources warn that sites that do not cooperate will be subject to cease-and-desist notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. DMCA notices often serve as a precursor to music-industry litigation.

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