Saturday, September 29, 2007

Make Your Own Noise Canceling Headphones

I have a lot of fun with vid sites like Metacafe...

So I get the idea behind this vid, putting nice headphone parts into closed back earmuffs, but is this really better than say picking up a beautiful pair of cx300's?

I'm not a huge fan of active noise reduction. You have to keep a battery around, and it only reduces constant noise (like the droning sounds of an airplane), and not sudden noises. But hey, Passive NR is Passive NR right? You're just blocking noise. I just happen to prefer inner-aural, "in the ear" headphones.

So anywho, this guy's discovery of clipping together headphones and shooting range earmuffs is pretty sound...

Headphone Hack! Make You Own Noise Eliminating Headset! - Awesome video clips here

Heh-heh, "pretty sound" ... I'm teh funnie...

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