Monday, August 27, 2007

Did you hear? The iPhone was unlocked!

So I must be a huge geek! Yup, HUGE!
By week's end I had received almost two dozen emails about the iPhone being unlocked. Even my Mom. Yup Mother AudioGuy herself passed the story up to me, so I can't even use the "My mom thinks I'm cool" joke anymore because... clearly she doesn't.

With all the attention I couldn't help but post this pic from the Herald Sun, taken from one of the headlines surrounding the triumphant deed.

First off I just feel for the kid, as he looks exactly how I'd picture the unlocker of the iPhone to look. I mean bad lighting aside, the pic does scream "Keymaster Of Gozer" right? But, what really got me was the headline its self. Let's play a game of "What's wrong with this headline?".

Click on the pic to play!

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