Monday, August 27, 2007

Awesome Old Music Video: The English Beat

Ya know, sometimes I think we really take this internet of ours for granted.

It's 11pm. I'm not quite ready for bed, and I'm bored. That's not a great combination.
Just for kicks I pull up Youtube and punch in the name of my favorite band, The English Beat. Truth be told I'm just young enough that I've NEVER seen ANY of their videos (though I own all of their music).
It's kind of incredible that with out this technological monstrosity that we've created, I probably never would've seen this, an old video cassette rotting away in someones attic...

Sure it's a little goofy, the dancing is a really weak, almost Pinocchio style 80's skank, and it's pretty raw, but I love this band. Now I love them a little bit more.

You'll remember this song from the kick-ass kickboxing scene from Gross Pointe Blank (easily one of the TOP 5 BEST FIGHT SCENES OF ALL TIME!!!), so enjoy!

Heh-heh "Thanks for the pen" ... Priceless...

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