Monday, July 30, 2007

Google plans YouTube "Irrelevance" Launch for September

...or at least that's what the article SHOULD be titled...

Quick write up from Techspot:

"Google’s YouTube is preparing to launch
its long-awaited and much-promised recognition technology “hopefully by
September”, in an effort to stop copyrighted videos from being posted
on the popular video-sharing website, according to YouTube lawyer
Philip Beck."
So apparently copyrighted materials will be "fingerprinted" and content found to be violating copyright will be removed.

While I'm happy that GOOTube is policing itself, I'm still not entirely sure I love this idea. Other similar measures tend to break more content than it protects. Also I'm not entirely sure that the short clips of copyrighted content (especially of TV shows), don't serve to drive more sales of that content. Sort of analogous to the early days of Napster driving sales of CD's (until Metallica started suing their fans).

So what do ya'll think, does this drive Youtube out, or are we happy enough with skateboarding dogs to keep watching?

Here's the Techspot Article.
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