Saturday, July 14, 2007

AMPTP wants "Wait and See" for New Media/Distribution

To steal a line from Sexy Beast "NO NONONONONO NO! NONONONONONONO! NO!"

From Broadcast Newsroom:

"All three contracts expire within the next year. But the profit picture for new platforms -- including Internet Streaming, ipod content purchases and video-on-demand -- will be clearer in 24-36 months, they argued.


Producers suggested that unions allow for a three-year study of the impact of Internet viewing before new contracts are crafted. Right now the digital landscape is so unpredictable that deals for broadband productions are rarely more than one year, he said."

COME ON! Cable, Home Video, DVD, Video Games, HOW MANY TIMES IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?! If AFTRA, SAG, WGA, and the DGA dont play this round smart I really see disastrous consequences (and strikes) for 2008.

Alternative Distribution Methods Affecting Union Talks

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