Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Customize your Greeting Card's Audio at Hallmark? For BUSINESSES???

Well, I'm sure this will be very popular for a very short period of time. Hallmark is introducing custom audio cards for BUSINESSES. WHY?

Ya know, Hallmark, sometimes standing out isn't such a great idea. Working in voice over I can now see getting assaulted by horribly compressed, tinny, squashed audio, all in convenient greeting card form.

I dont know that I could really do business with a company (or individual, Actors I'm looking in your general direction [wags fist at you]) that decided to pierce my ear drums with one of these.

OR, I could totally be wrong. They could sound awesome. Hallmark prove me wrong. Do it! Send me a sample, and then we'll talk...or listen...or whatever...

From the Kansas City Business Journal:

"Following on the success of sound cards in the consumer market, Hallmark Business Expressions developed the sound card program for business customers who want a memorable way to break through the clutter of typical direct mail and make their message stand out," Marc Wagenheim, product marketing director for Hallmark Business Expressions, said in the release."

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