Thursday, May 3, 2007

Brice Carrington Releases HAWT SFX

Super hawt yo!
Since my early days doing sound for college theater, I've never been a huge fan of canned SFX. I've trolled through CD after CD of crappy SFX compilations, that most (9 for 10) times I give up, and record my own.

That being said, every now and then you find a gem. This collection looks like it could be one of those gems.

"Carrington has always wanted to make professional sound effects you hear at the movies available to consumers and independent filmmakers, at an affordable price. This is not a new concept, but our approach to it is. It may not be popular to some, but recreating the sounds heard in movies and making them available to consumers makes sense. To show consumers how to make their own sound effects with the click of a mouse is a natural progression in amateur movie making and could be a great asset to the independent film maker."

Check out the full article here!


  1. Before you endorse his library... you'd better read THIS. I'm afraid Brice Carrington has a history of misrepresentation. If you want more information, just put in a search of his name on the Yahoo Sound Design forum.

  2. Well that's all shades of awful.
    Yet another reason I hate using canned SFX, and yet more reason to guard your recordings like a hawk.

    It's kinda like people licensing/selling the "Amen Break" drum loop, though they have no connection to the original recording...