Saturday, April 7, 2007

Windows Patch May Ruin Audio

So I'm a hardware guy. I don't really care what OS I'm running as long as I can mess with the guts of the machine. It's the main reason why I hate laptops, because I can't futz with them.

Anywho, here's one of the main frustrations I have with Microsoft software. Seemingly unconnected fixes create all new problems.

If you use animated cursors (to me the desktop equivalent of annoying ringtones "look my mouse pointer is a puppy! OH LOOK HE'S DIGGING!"), then you might've heard of the vulnerability,which can allow a hacker to take over a system, which is pretty severe for a cursor. How are the two even related?

Well apparently MS's patch for the problem breaks a computer's ability to use Realtek Audio hardware (a very common audio chipset, even on my motherboard but I use an Audigy2 and a FW410). How are the two even related?

ITWire has the rest of the story here.

Poor stupid Microsoft...
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