Thursday, April 19, 2007

Too Much Audio: iTunes Edition!

What can you do with a terabyte of audio? Really?
I went through a huge mad downloading spree during the early days of Napster, but almost none of the music I grabbed then survived. Crappy bitrates, and incomplete recordings pretty much guaranteed that even if I did like a song, I'd pretty much have to buy the CD if I wanted the song at a good quality. In fact it was probably during the O.G. Napster days that I bought most of my music. Now-a-days I buy an album or two a month, but then I was buying 3-4 new albums a week, and trading scores of used albums at a local record store (WORD UP NATURAL SOUND IN ALBUQUERQUE!).
So since the Napster servers were shut down, I've been through 3 desktops and now 2 laptops, and my music collection has grown into a pretty modest 60GB of high bitrate MP3.

Apparently thats nothing.

Will Friedwald has almost 850GB of music, which according to iTunes, should be about 800 days worth of music (or about 2.2 years of continuous noise).

From Glenn Wolsey:

"Will Friedwald proclaims he has the world largest iTunes collection. An avid listener to Jazz music, and a writer for the New York Sun, Will spends his days in front of his Power Mac G5 running “The Maxtix”, his mammoth 200,000 track iTunes library.

Will took some time out of his rigirous daily schudule and took some time to talk with me about iTunes, his music collection, and how he manages it."

Read the rest here.



I mean, what do you do with that?
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