Monday, April 2, 2007


Yup this deserved all caps.
This is exactly what the consumer needs right now. EMI will be offering their entire catalog of music for sale on iTunes, DRM free, and (supposedly) at a higher bitrate.

The Catch?

It'll be .30 more expensive for a single, and wait for it...

... the same price for an album ($9.99).

So far the move seems to be garnering some negative press on "teh blogosfeer", but this is exactly what we want people.
I personally would've payed $2 a track for higher bitrate, and to play the music on my ipod, my 6700, Mrs. AudioGuy's Rio, and to use it to cut up my own ringtones.

This is great folks! EMI has apparently had problems paying their electric light bills of late (love that pun), so we need to support any move they make that is for the consumer (as opposed to watching them poor more and more money into lawyers and lawsuits).

Here's hoping that more labels follow suit!

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