Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Washing my ears out with soap...

Hey All!

So Happy It's Tuesday!

So I've got a bunch of neuroses. I think we can all agree on that. Some of my favorites are:

* People who chew with their mouths open!

* People who mis-use tech terms (I download the cd to my cpu" or "My computer at home has the internet")!

* People who say "sammich" or "sanguich"!

Sure, any of the above infractions would drive any red blooded American into a homicidal rage.

I just found a new one today.

Auditioning a script for Taco Bell, I came to an early realization that none of the people we called in could actually say "Taco Bell". It always came out with the "taco" rhyming with "caca", as in "TakaBell"

I even tried correcting a few people. They couldn't even hear what was wrong...

Me: Say "Taco"

Them: Taco

Me: Now say "Bell"

Them: Bell

Me: Now say "Taco ... Bell"

Them: TakaBell

Me: Ugh

Them: What?

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