Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite Voice Roles: Diz White Edition!

Cute write up on British actress Diz White's favorite VO's.
I'm very amused by this one:

"Another time, a while ago, when the wolf had taken a good bite out of my door, I pretended to be French to get a voice-over job that required me to dub with a French accent. I had to keep up the accent for five days. Everything went well until the last day when the producer came by unexpectedly and overheard me, huddled in a corner of the sound studio, doing a phone audition for my next job in broad cockney."

Truth be told I haven't done a lot of work in front of the mic (though if you're good at searching you'll probably be able to find some narration on me), but my favorite gigs were in college doing NPR style news broadcasts for the student website.
What has been your favorite gig? C'mon! Don't be shy!!

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