Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back with a fun Freebie! FREE PLUGIN! FREE VST!

Was the title obnoxious enough for ya? Maybe now I'll show up in more searches...


I mean, I'm back from the happiest place on earth! The missus and I took a weekend down at Disneyland, and yes it was silly good fun! Maybe if some one asks I'll post a pic of me in Mouse ears...MAYBE!

So anywho, I don't write a lot of music, or any music very well, but when I do, I've got quite a collection of free plugins to work with. One that I don't see very often is Ichiro Toda's Synth1 (@KVRAudio). This thing is ugly, really ugly, one of the ugliest plugins I've ever seen, but man is this thing useful. Just about every (crappy) piece of music I've ever written has used this synth, and it comes with a pretty decent batch of presets.

Go check it out! It's free!

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