Monday, February 5, 2007

Do The Electric Slide, Violate The DMCA???

Not quite that simple, but sure why not?
We all know about and love the DMCA (sure). For those that don't, the overly simplistic explanation of the DMCA is, you are not allowed to circumvent copy protection, and you can't post copyrighted materials online. This already technically screws us on DVD's, as we're allowed to make a back up for personal use, but anything we use to make the back up (that can get around copy protection) is horribly illegal.
Now apparently if you take a video of your crazy Aunt Iris doing the electric slide (badly) at your brother-in-law Ted's wedding (and I mean come on, who are they kidding, that wedding will never last, he's only with the skank because she pretended to have that pregnancy scare right? Right? I knOw!), and post that vid on Youtube for the whole extended family to enjoy, you can get slapped around legally for that as well.
CNet has a fairly concise write up on the whole bloody affair: CLICK HERE TO READ 'Electric Slide' on slippery DMCA slope And for good measure, here's a vid of people doing the electric slide badly:



Big OLD SORRY FOLKS! I totally forgot to mention that this was a write up on Idolator, so for even good-er measure I'll also post the vid that was linked on Gizmodo:

It's two...Two...TWO CLIPS IN ONE!
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